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    Thu 6th January 2011
    Five New Guests to Play With At Nosal!

    We had 5 new guests arrive yesterday, today was their first day on the slopes and their first Sunshine experience! A few of the team met them at a local bar last night for a few drinks and last we saw of them they were headed for another club at 11 and from what I heard they had a very late one! After dropping the team off at Nosal I drove to pick up the fearsome five. Half an hour off waiting later they were finally ready, dazed as they were, and we set off to grab their rental gear.

    The group consisted of 3 skiers and 2 boarders and apparently they were all of decent standard. After they were geared up I took the three skiers for a quick ability test on the biggest beginner slope to see where they were at. Two of them breezed down it with no problems at all but the last guest fell several times and was generally having a really hard time. I decided to split the three into two groups, taking the least able then and there and the more advanced guys later on, after lunch.

    I took the first guest for about an hour and 20 minutes, going through the basics again (apparently he had only done one lesson years ago, and then been taught by friends) to give him solid foundations and then moved on to parallel progression side-slipping, hockey stops, lifting the inside ski and hop-turns. After the lesson was done I went up with the boarders and TJ for a couple of runs down the black, very good fun!

    After lunch I met the two remaining skiers at 2:30 for their advanced lesson, I could tell in the morning by how much they were edging that they were both a very high standard. We did a couple of warm-up runs down the red to check out what they could do and they were both awesome, I was really impressed! One thing I picked up on was that they weren't rotating their skis all the way around and therefore were constantly accelerating during the run unable to turn by the bottom.

    To counteract their unaggressive turning we did a lot of work on flexion and extension, this allowed them to release pressure to bring the skis round and to build pressure to achieve wicked grip and drive the skis through the end of the turn. They loved it! Immediately they both grasped the concept and, after watching me do a pitch of very short turns, exaggerating my flexion and extension, were both able to improve their speed control and general performance by leaps and bounds! Awesome!

    After covering a bit of carve progression and work on a more balanced, yet agile form, everyone was happy and ready to get back home for the day. We grabbed everyone's gear and headed back to the Sunshine Chalet. Another great day complete!

    Sat 15th January 2011
    Work Do's

    Today was another fantastic day at Bialka and it was a brilliant day of skiing and teaching with our guests that are here on a Christmas work holiday. I started off in the morning with TJ teaching the beginner group, after a short while I personally took on Henry because it was his very first time ever skiing and it was a perfect opportunity for me to practice my teaching skills. I focused on practicing snowplough through training exercises such as simply trying to get him into the snowplough position whilst standing still or placing him on a slightly inclined slope and trying to get him to turn around on the spot using the snowplough position. I also attempted some one legged exercises in which he placed his weight onto one leg and tried to push the other one out into the snowplough position. He progressed well and I had him going up and down on the drag lift a few times, all the while with me there to help him out, he even performed a fantastic parallel turn. After a good hour or so of practicing we parted our ways as it was the end of the lesson, he had been worn out but I sensed that he was pleased with his progress and I was certainly impressed with his determination. After a free ski, in which I practiced my carving, we headed in for a well deserved mixed salad and what a salad it was. Once we had demolished our lunches we set off back to the slopes for some fun with an advanced lesson but then, tragedy struck, with an injury to one of our guests but there was no need to fear, for Sunshine World was here. We quickly got her to a medical tent and then Sean drove her to Zakopane hospital where we discovered there will be no lasting damage, just a need to relax. At least she has a valid reason to not be in work on Monday as many of her colleagues and her bosses bore witness to the accident. Once all of that had been dealt with, I had truly lost Pockle and Matty who were busy off teaching the advanced lesson. So I just went off for a ski and found some straggling guests who I showed a few things too. Once four o'clock rolled around we started to load the guests onto the transports and took them home, all in all a brilliant day and for tonight I will be playing guitar for the Rugby lads who want a song night, which I am very excited about. Now for some PASTAAAAAAAAAA!


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