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    Thu 3rd February 2011

    So today at bialka big Elliot and I had no one to teach except of course the academy kids which we talked through and even went through with Katie (one of the academy students) the whole begginer progression, Katy did some absolutly wonderful teaching even when me and Ell on purposely put mistakes into our ridiung and she was easily able to spot and give us advice to rectify them she did great for her first 'lesson' ever it was great to see all the academy kids really get involved and participate and we could see how much they've all ready learnt. Aswell me and Ell took video of the begginer progression in our best cheesey instructor voices,

    When we got home it was another busy night for us lads as we had a foot ball match planned for 9:00 which was, un real a canuck playing foot ball is definitely quite the site and as unorthodox as it was I had so much fun and the competition was rarring thankfully the only injury was Ricks nut sack after Matty nialed one at him.

    The fun didnt stop there though because straight from football we went to a sweet little party with some smokin hotties, it twas a great night even though we hadnt showered or changed from our football gear the girls were still lovin us.

    Anyway thats all for our great day.

    Fri 4th February 2011

    I went to, in my view, the most important place to visit in the whole of Poland today. Auschwitz. It was by far the most incredible place I have been to in the past few years. You learn throughout school and what you are told by your grand parents only so much but actually going there, it brings it to your world and makes it so much more real. From the welcoming looking building used to register prisoners to actually being in the barns that the prisoners would be stored 10 to a bunk and the world famous gate to Auschwitz. Every step was a piece history that you retrace yourself.

    To start off, we went to the original camp, which started out as a military base, explaining the 25 blocks, each holding 1000 prisoners during its 5 years as a death camp. We saw the conditions that they lived in and what they took with them. There were full rooms of shoes, boot polish, brushes and even human hair. The SS sold the hair for use in brushes, matresses and even the thermal lining in the uniforms worn by the nazis.

    After that we were taken to block 11. Where the gestapo would take civilians they arrested. they would arrest 200 per people a month on average and each detainee would have a 20 second trial in which the guard would read out their names and then state guilty. some where sentenced to death for only reading the wrong kind of pamphlet. We where then taken to the cells, where Maximillian Kolbe gave his life for a fellow inmate in the 'starvation cells', the 'suffocation cells', a 10m X 10m room where 40 people would be incarcerated with a 6 inch hole to breathe and the 'standing cells', rooms of 1m X 1m in which 4 prisoners would stand over night, crawling through a knee height door and then have to work for 11 hours before going back to work the next day. some of these prisoners would do this for 12 days at a time.

    We then were lead to the first of gas chambers, where 800 people would be crammed into and then cyclone B  would be dropped in on them from above killing them in 20 minutes. After, we went into the crematorium where a group of prisoners, renewed every month as afterall, they where eye witnesses to what was happening, would dump bodies into the furnaces all day and all night after taking rings, necklaces and other valuables from the bodies of fellow inmates, maybe even friends family or even their own children.

    After lunch, we went to Auschwits II Birkenau where we saw a site 25 times bigger than its older sibling. It was originally a few small villages which the Nazis raided and took its inhabitants as prisoners to work for the third reich. They then proceeded to take the bricks and materials from the houses there and created 10% of the blocks that held the prisoners. They are the only ones that are still standing. After the war, the surviving inhabitants of the original villages came back and build their houses again from the remains of the blocks. We also walked around a latrine and a housing block from the other 90% of prisoner habitats. almost entirely made of wood. They looked like barns. There was no privacy and no dignity for anyone. There where 10 people to one bunk and at countless bunks per block. To add insult to injury, they put propaganda all over the cross beams saying, Be honest, Stay Clean, Enjoy work, Etc.

    After today, what I had already known has been dwarfed with new facts and the enormity of seeing all this with my own eyes.

    I advise anyone who has any respect for history at all to go and witness this for yourself.




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