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    Tue 28th December 2010
    The Grays arrive!

    So today I had my first big group a family of 14 has shown up, but not to worry with plenty of ski instructors to keep the groups small. So after splitting the group into 3, me ben and greg were off with our respected groups. My group with consisted of Anna Ben Pauly Allan and Phinola ( who happend to jump up to the advance group as she was much better then she had thought), but the rest of us were'nt far off, learning how to walk around in ski's, climb and keep our selves from falling down the hill we hiked up to learn snowplow the whole group learned quickly and after just a few tries we all had it comfortably, it was time to get some turns in, we started with isolated snowplow turns and then some big 'S's' after all that we were well tired of hiking  we deciding that the lift was good enough for us after all and we hitched a ride all the way to the top, so we could work on our up down movements throughtout the turns, with out having  to tire ourselves out walking up the hill. Couple hours later and we regular ol pro snowplow carving pro's it was a great lesson and I was very happy with all my students progress. Later in the day everyone took off to another hill and left me which was nice because I was able to spend some time with Allan relaxing inside and then one final advanced lesson with Simon we headed straight for big red slope, it was a little icy but we still went in all guns firing, started with a run of observation where I saw quite quickly that we could great straight into some heavy edge changes so we started with our up and down movements, and jumping into our new edges. Simon was doing well and said he could definitely feel the technical differences we were happy with where we were and decided to call it a day, great lessons all the way through the day and I was definitely ready for bed so after supper an early night for me was in best interest as I was feeling under the weather. Goodnight and chow!!!

    Thu 3rd February 2011

    So today at bialka big Elliot and I had no one to teach except of course the academy kids which we talked through and even went through with Katie (one of the academy students) the whole begginer progression, Katy did some absolutly wonderful teaching even when me and Ell on purposely put mistakes into our ridiung and she was easily able to spot and give us advice to rectify them she did great for her first 'lesson' ever it was great to see all the academy kids really get involved and participate and we could see how much they've all ready learnt. Aswell me and Ell took video of the begginer progression in our best cheesey instructor voices,

    When we got home it was another busy night for us lads as we had a foot ball match planned for 9:00 which was, un real a canuck playing foot ball is definitely quite the site and as unorthodox as it was I had so much fun and the competition was rarring thankfully the only injury was Ricks nut sack after Matty nialed one at him.

    The fun didnt stop there though because straight from football we went to a sweet little party with some smokin hotties, it twas a great night even though we hadnt showered or changed from our football gear the girls were still lovin us.

    Anyway thats all for our great day.

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