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    Fri 17th December 2010
    My First Day Skiing This Season

    To warm up for this season me and the guys made a trip to Harenda, one of the local slopes in Zakopane, to make sure we were up to standard. Alan (Our resident big boss man), me, TJ and Adam headed out in the Red Vito. Alan and I were on our skis and Adam and TJ were boarding. Having not skied since the end of last season I was psyched to get back on the piste and start tearing it up!

    We paid for a 3 hour unlimited lift pass (which you can get from as low as £6!) and made our way to the top of Harenda, which is a moderately sized red run – great for practice! I was thrilled that, after clipping on my skis and skating around a bit while the snowboarders strapped-up, everything still felt very normal and that I could still remember basic mobility. We all stretched out our legs, having not used the skiing muscle groups in a while, to minimise the chances of pulling something. We were ready.

    I can remember that at the start of last season this was the first run I attempted, it did not go well, due to the incline and my lack of practice I fell over constantly and made a complete fool of myself. I was determined not to let this happen again! Unfortunately for me it had been very cold recently and, although it is no excuse, the snow had become very hard – making it really easy for your skis to slip out from under you. We started by warming up with some jump-turns, I immediately fell onto my forearms, creating the first of many bright purple bruises I would receive during the rest of the day! I found the first run fairly challenging, although not as intimidating as I expected, because I didn't trust my edges I was finding it really hard to push them into the hard, ice-like snow and maintain grip.

    Alan soon had all of us practicing our short turns, the perfect way to refine your turns, because you have to incorporate everything that you know but in a much shorter space of time, increasing the amount of repetition and therefore committing the techniques to memory a lot faster. At first I was very sloppy but after another run I was getting my rhythm back and all the knowledge I had last season started to come flowing back. To counter-act the hard-packed snow we focused on pressure control which helped us to really dig our edges deep and rely on them for balance. We made our turns faster and faster to really push ourselves, which felt great, until I slipped-out and slammed onto my upper-thigh/bum that really, really hurt.

    Once the run had become flatter at the bottom, and short turns weren't really an option, we busted out our best carving. I love carving. My first couple of carve turns were pretty sloppy, I was A-framing (where the knee of the outside leg of the turn touches the other) badly and my body was still on top of my skis. However, after practicing them at the bottom for a few runs, after more short turns of course, I was right back on track and hurtling down the slope – there is no better feeling! After filming each other and trying a few more exercises I was really starting to feel good about my technique and although I was freezing cold (it had become dark by now and the run has flood-lights) it was worth it by a mile.

    The next day I woke up and tried to jump out of bed, a very bad idea, as I sat up every muscle I think I own became tight and sore. It was horrible. I had a baseball sized purple bruise on my thigh, purple fore-arms, pulled back muscles, torn quadriceps and could barely force myself onto my feet. Ah the life of a ski instructor! Overall it was definitely worth the effort and pain, I am now ready for the next few months, all my muscles have been prepared and I am back into the skiing mentality. Thank you Sunshine World and Alan Garcia, lets make this season the best Zakopane has ever seen!

    Fri 25th February 2011
    FEB HALF TERM DONE BABY...and with out anycomplication

    Hokey Pokes what a week, 4 lessons a day and plenty of partying that could pretty much well sum this week, but I'd like to tell you a little more of some of the high lights of this spectacular week. The first day was one of the busiest as we had to deal with all the equipment rental but because we were ready and waiting for it we were able to blitz through all the rentals and have everyone ready to rock and roll for lessons by 11:15 just as we  had planned!!! First lessons ASSESMENT, because we had all ready got almost everyones abilities from the booking forms most people were all ready placed in the perfect group for them, only a few had either under rated or over rated themselves and were quickly put into the right place. From day to day operations ran ultra smooth with everyone getting to the right place right on time, a big thanks to all our guests to for making sure they made it on time to everything. Now it wasn't all about the riding as this was a week for most to kick loose relax and really get a break from everything else being half term and all, which meant the partying was rampant. We had some ultra classy nights starting in one of our local favorites Papparazi and always moving else where as we didnt want to be tied to one place for to long. A couple of nights we made it to the piano bar which is a beautiful place with a super relaxed atmosphere swings for bar chairs and couches for seats!!

    But the topper probably the best night was our end of week Friday night dinner slash mad party, starting the night of at the Litwor (5 star) hotel where we were treated to absolute delicasies such as salmon mousse and stuffed turkey, as well as great conversation as the whole academy and pro team all made it out (all paid for by our main man AL-dog great thanks as always for treating us with such style Al) and most of our guests as well, who were all ready for a big night with us. As I was saying the dinner was great but the entertainment the speeches from Alan and the conversation we all could share really made the evening. From the Litwor we were all off to VavaVoom one of the premier clubs in Zakopane where as always the party got started with the sunshine world crew and guests. What a night it was ! Well ladies and gentlemen that about sums up our Feb half term amazing sking/ boarding, and crazy wild parties WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT!!!!!!

    heres just a quick shot of Maples and his STRAWBERRY DAQUIRY. which he got a good beating for at the week end dinner at Litwor haha what a night.


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