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    Mon 24th January 2011
    A Wicked Day at Harenda

    Having had 3 new academy members arrive yesterday I helped them get their gear sorted for the season! We had two skiers and one boarder arrive all of whom are totally awesome! Three great new additions to the Sunshine World team.

    I managed to sort out one of the skiers and the boarder with some boots but the last skier had over size 12 feet! I realised that this may be a problem. Whilst the others and I looked at skis and boards our big-footed friend went in search of a shop that sold boots in his size! Alan arrived shortly after and helped the booted pair choose their kit whilst I aided in the search of size 12 ski boots!

    After trying practically every shop that I knew existed on the main high street we decided to stop by one last shop that we spotted on the way back to the others. After 5 minutes he was trying on a pair of boots and a sigh of relief was taken. I grabbed the others, who had already sorted out their gear, and we sorted the last skier out with his boots, poles and skis.

    After we were done we headed to Harenda to meet up with the rest of the team. After starting my first run two of the other instructors came up behind me and told me that I had an advanced group to teach in half an hour. I headed up once more then went down to meet up with the guests.

    We started our lesson with a bit of theory of how to handle steeper terrain (Harenda is a long, wide red run) by putting even more pressure and mass on the outside ski of the turn and finishing our turns off completely to control our speed. From there I moved onto talking about pole planting and how it can be used to initiate the turn to make for superb turn-shape and rhythm. On our way up it was announced that the slope was closing at 3 (I started my lesson at 2:30) for an hour while they bashed the piste. What!? This was very annoying.

    After conferring with the boss man we decided to finish the day at 5, instead of 4, and continue the lesson immediately after the lifts had reopened. I was very happy because this gave me a chance to grab some food (I had not eaten all day!) and a drink for an hour (the queue was massive!).

    After the lifts reopened at 4 we got straight back up to find that during that hour the whole slope had been freshly pisted! Bonus! With some excellent conditions under our feet I thought it appropriate to go through the carving progression with the group starting with simply pushing ourselves along the snow on our edges to doing single carve turns (holding them until we go back up the slope and come to a stop) and then finally trying out some linked carve turns. The whole group was doing really well and pushing themselves way beyond what I expected of them, especially one of them who had only started skiing that week and was already carving like a pro!

    We finished the session and blasted it down the slope hard to meet everyone for the end of the day. The conditions were awesome, the snow was awesome and the guests were awesome! All-in-all an awesome day! Awesome!

    Thu 6th January 2011
    Teaching a Minx

    Today was a sweet day, not only did I get to ride my board but i got to watch all the other ski instructors try and snowboard to and they were all pretty good. We went through the begginer progress for the sake of all the new boarders and the academy Big Elliot took us through the whole thing covering all the bases from Basic Mobility to Side Slipping and Falling Leaf. After going through all of this with the rest of the lads and lass (katie). We still had one man who had spent much less time on the board and was getting left behind it was good ol robert minx, so I took him exactly where we all left off at falling leaf and we went right into some garland or chicken turns learning how by shifting our weight to our front foot we can get our board to fall straight down the hill, from here we would go straight back to the edge we started we went through this drill a couple of times on both our toe and heal side until we knew we were ready to start linking our edges because we had gotten used to using our edges so much all ready it made it very easy for Minx to pick this up and we had him swerving down the whole hill linking turns all the way down nice work Robby boy (he even took the chair to the top of the mountain and got through it). Once I was sure Rob was good and ready to be let out into the wild with out my help I figured it was time I took a couple runs for myself and so I did and man was it fun popping 360's and 180's off every pop and drop I found. I even at one point managed to find a nice little rail to grind on, it wasnt part of a park it was just like a street rail it was a lot of fun to play around on and our one guests was able to get a lot of good pictures. SO the day started perfect, and even later in the evening it was getting better as I found out it was the finals in the U20 world cup hockey and CANADA was playing RUSSIA so me and a couple other lads gathered round our live stream in the living area to watch what turned out to be the most dissapointing part of the day was watching Canada suffer a defeat in the finals. But apart from that what an amazing day woooohoooo BOARDING!!!!!grinding the street rail with sunshine world pro team

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