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    Sun 23rd January 2011
    Banging day at Nosal

    So today was the first day I got to ride with all our new academy chaps (at least the boarders) and let me tell you what a day it was, we started the day pretty slow just working on our technique working out a couple off season kinks, including a bit of a weak back that was tending to bend on Ben and Reuben, after some good reenforcement of proper technique we got into some lovely carving drills to really get up on edge including a little MJ hips pop, and pooping and pinching coins. After we had all the ride work done it was time for a good play we started it all off by building our own little hit OVER THE FENCE we had to do a bit of off piste work for it but it was well worth it when we finished her up and got some sick riding in. After a couple bails me and the boys were launching into our booter with heavy speed and getting some nice grabs in. One thing I was really proud about was learning to do a frontside Bonk to back side 180 off one of the chairlift poles. Anyway the end of the day came all to soon and it was time to go home but as usual the fun didnt stop with the end of the riding we continued last night right until a good 3 in the morning playing some of our own drinking games and invented a fantastic one called SNORT. To cut along story short this morning was a little tougher the usual!!!!!

    Tue 21st December 2010
    Finally in air

    Man alive, it was a sweet day, first of all yesterday I spent a good 3 hours piling snow on to the snow cave but unlike the rest of the guys who have been building the snowcave to sit in, I've been building it so that I could set it up like sweet quater pipe (and then had to wait all night so that I could get up today and finally hit it) so yes I was super excited. Anyway first thing this morning I was up and woke some of the gang up (they difinitely uber excited about that) but once I had them up it was to late so I dragged Adam and Ben out with me so we could do some work on the run up, and fix the lip. Half hour later we were in action, it was Adams first time riding a jump like this so after a quick run through with him, walking him through the finer points of how to do it, we had him pulling some mad 180's and sick grabs. Unfortunately I got a little carried away went a bit to big and landed a 360 nose first my board went right through the snowcave which we quickly did a little renovation and had it fixed up but it did mean we had to let it harden....again. So off we went to find a new location to put a kicker up, and so we did 3 hours later, Ben was ripping off the lip and cruising through the air, two jumps later and it was my turn to giver all as it was really my first kicker of the season the way I saw it was that I had to go big or go home, so I did first jump of the season backflip 180... well it didn't quite work out the way I would have liked, but it was close and that was good enough for me, watching Adam and Ben hit the kicker up big. Anyway it was a good way to start the jumping season, and we were all pumped to get the first jumps out of the way. Now I'm just excited to see how the next session goes!!!!

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