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    Sun 30th January 2011
    Following the french

    So this morning we got up bright an early to handle our big school group, turns out most of them had gone out last ngiht and only got back home about an hour before we came round to pick them up, long story short not many of them were keen for a day of riding. So rather then dragging them all out of bed for a day of hung over riding I decided it would be best for me to just take one of our transports with all the equipment of those who werent going to need it. 3 hourd later and I was at Nosal, lucky for me all though everyone else was at Chimie schova except Gregory and some of our brand new guests I was to late to catch his begginer lesson but I was able to shadow him in his Intermediate lessons with our french guests. The lesson went extremely smooth as gregs always do. A little free skiing later and it was time to head home to see off our bif group of guests which turned out to be a very profiting experience as the pro team recieved two bottles of wine and a 350 zloty tip SAWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET.

    Yet again while I was else where the academy was out ultra enjoying Kasprovy and getting some absolutly stylish photos, just looking through them made me so jealouse they look absolutly amazing check this one of James one of our academy members getting mad air!!!!

    Tue 18th January 2011
    First Impressions....

    On Thursday the 13th of Januari I Left the Netherlands for a New Adventure, the choice: 'Sunshine World' in Zakopane Poland, after having exchanged many many emails with Alan Garcia (the managing director) in the previous year, I now got offered a position to be part of the PRO-TEAM to instruct snowboard lessons aswell as being part of the 'Sunshine World  Academy' in order to gain my Ski qualification; CSIA level 1 next to my CASI snowboard qualification that I already posses...

    I flew from Dusseldorf (Germany) to Krakow (Poland) when I arrived I got picked up by a driver that would transport me to the 'Sunshine Hostel',  my new home for the next 3 months!  the driver didnt speak ANY english and soon I realized that a language barrier can be pretty annoying!   I didnt know what to expect,  new surroundings, new people!...A new and exciting feeling!...when I walked trough the door with 50 kilos's of luggage I got welcomed by Barbara, she works behind the desks and handles alot of emails and phonecalls for new and potential guests, there were 3 people in the Hostel, Greg, Ben a.k.a Pockels and Katie...Barbara asked Greg to show me to my room and he gave me a tour  of the very luxurious Hostel/Hotel/Chalet....I decided to call it a Chotell as it is nothing like I have seen before, many plasma TV's, xboxes, a Jacuzzi and a cinema screen with surround sound!!....after been shown to my room I sat down in the very cosy and homely livingroom and had a chat with the my new 'house' mates...Greg offered me a cuppa (YAY), exactly what the doctor ordered! :-)

    When I went outside for a nicotine shot with Pockels, some more people from the PRO-TEAM arrived at the 'Chotell', they have been shopping in town, as they didnt know about my arrival there were some surprised faces and some more introductions followed...

    As I havent been into town or a supermarket I didnt have any food in, Greg, Elliot (El) and Sean were cooking a meal and asked me If I wanted some! 'YES please'!!...it was scrummy! and very much appreciated! Later on in the evening  Alan himself came home as he had a day of shredding in Slovakia  with Adam, He welcomed me with a big hug and was happy that I arrived safely...Alan also brought a present from Slovakia which made all the housemates very happy and made it a very fun and 'warm' welcoming evening!  My first day ended with a splash in the Jacuzzi and some general chillaxing....

    After a very good sleep I met Adam downstairs who told me he was going into town shortly, and if I wanted to come!, 'YEAH' was my answer, checking out the town and I needed some shopping desperatly + I needed a look for skis before the academy starts!!...the Zakopane highstreet is about a 10 min walk from the 'chotell', it was SO much bigger then I expected!!...SO many shops, many many restaurants, ski and board shops , and a lot of quirky little ones! ALREADY like Zakopane ALOT!

    Later in the day new guests arrived, for me a good opportunity to see how the PRO-TEAM organises themselves and how things work in general, the guests arrived very late and part of their deal was to go and ski at Nosal on arrival (1 of the 5 ski-areas that Sunshine World takes their guests)...not only the guests were late but Nosal were closing their lifts earlier then they would normally and that ment that only the 'bunny' slopes were open!  Some guests weren't very happy with this situation and others found this a great opportunity to try something new like SNOWBOARDING!...

    1 woman decided to get a snowboard instead of a pair of ski's, besides her there were a small handfull of more competent boarders. Whilst walking to the bunny slope Sean asked me if I would like to do the beginner lesson or the more advanced lesson! I choose the beginner, caroline was her name and I started my lesson according the CASI guidelines! She picked it up very quickly and within her first lesson she was doing the 'power pendulum' on both heel and toe edge and she managed to get up the buttonlift! Which is the WORST nightmare for any beginning snowboarder! 'A terrifying experience' were her words!  But she did it! For me it was very rewarding lesson and both Caroline and me had a great time!

    The folowing day,  the last day for the guests we went to Bialka which is a much bigger ski area then Nosal, so everybody was happy, even though the weater was wet and the snow conditions were poor there were smiles around! :-)...

    In the morning Caroline had me again as her 'private' instructor as she was the only beginner, which ment I could focus on  her riding giving her tips and 'tools' to improve her riding : quick progression as a result!...we started with getting more milage with the power pendulum and then I started to introduce the isolated beginner turns, 'real' snowboarding! AGAIN she was amazing and by the end of the morning lesson she was linking turns! Before I could say: 'have a nice lunch and see you this afternoon' she gave me some Polish Zlotty! YAY! My lunch was bought for!...awesome!....

    As she was already linking turns I thought that after lunch she was ready for the 'big boys' slope! J

    So up we went on the chairlift to give her some milage on a longer slope to practice her edge change!...By the end of the afternoon lesson she did yet again AMAZING! Couldnt wish for a better student!...

    So far so good! DIFFERENT! But GOOD! The area, the town,  the people! A very interesting and a mixed bunch of characters!...Very much looking forward to the next few months, doing new things, facing new challenges, eating different food, speaking another language (well try atleast:-)! But most of all...HAVING FUN!  JUST BRING ON THE POW!!

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